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WEBSITE UPDATES for 2022 and the personal stand I am making to inspire the virtue of humankind. Detailed update.


Opening up the community, to crowd source wisdom for life. A sensible, rational community of like-minded, intelligent, and empathetic people of every race and cultural perspective, who aim to be higher minded and to help humanity.


Innovating the translation of commonly agreed higher-minded virtues into understandable wisdom for life, to rehumanise governance and leadership. Achieving this by crowd sourcing the identification of ASCENDENT VIRTUE and DESCENDENT VICE. Equipping leaders with a core ETHICS SET from which to enact the harmony of humanity and the dignity of people.

Understanding that being a leader of a country (or of anything) without virtue, is like driving a Ferrari without a steering wheel.


A consequence of my pursuit of seeking to identify and refresh moral standards for leadership, is that narcissistic, sociopathic, and psychopathic (selfish) people usually do not want to collaborate with me. I don't care how diabolical a person once was, I care who they now choose to be.

Not least bit interested in following failed pattens of past human behaviours or being dictated to by moral idiots, with ideologies that link us to a feudalistic, selfish, and neglectful past that has caused so much hurt and pain in the world.

We watch these limbic leaders destroying our civilisation, haughty in the projection of their superiority, yet there are higher minds than theirs. Minds like yours. Minds that burn the midnight candle for the harmony of humanity and are enflamed with passion for the dignity of people.

To those who think and feel this way, we are a tribe.


In 2022 I am beginning to coalesce what I have learned into educational courses and mentoring. People often refer to me as 'like a priest', in the sense that I socially isolate myself for prolonged periods of time to deeply immerse myself in studies. The consequence being, I collect knowledge and wisdom that I then share with others, enabling me to identify trends that ascend or descend humanity. I then focus on what I can do then, to mitigate the impacts of how descendent (selfish) humanity hurts people.


I now have links to current and future projects. Most of which are well developed and active, some that are new and one or two that will be launched in 2022. I share these as GLYNSPIRATION to encourage people to pursue ALL THEIR PASSIONS, and to live the best version of yourself that you can.


While I have had and do have many mentees, the person I am most committed to developing is Simon Young 杨瑾鸿. I encourage you to follow Simon's development as I patiently assist Simon to manifest the significance of his inner man to bring harmony to humanity.

You can follow Simon's progress on:

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