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WEEKEND meditation

A weekend mediation, for our empathy. I Imagine that each neglected, afflicted person is a tear drop. Before us a great ocean of inhumanity, a degraded human experience.

I understand that empathy is the capacity for human beings to see each others pain.

Yet an individualistic, selfish person, who believes in natural selection, and survival of the fittest, need do nothing more than neglect, in order to condemn another to death.

Neglect is a weapon against people, against love, the worst kind of hatred, because it is insidious and considers itself beyond reproach.

I see this all the time in Social media, and it disturbs me, how people belittle each other and cause mutual indignity.

The self righteous person will justify the neglect of innocent, afflicted people, as not their problem.

Meanwhile they exploit the people they neglect.

Have we forgotten how to love our neighbours, as ourselves? Perhaps we have been taught to forget self-love and the love of others and we can't give a love, that we no longer have.

Agape, sacrificial love.


As thyself.

Who will stand steadfast beside this ocean of inhumanity and purify these tears of earth with their humility, compassion and the service of afflicted people?

Let it begin with me.

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