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White Supremacy

Real life has become a Star Wars episode.

The white supremacy movement is proven to be at core of the outgoing presidency.

A president has just been impeached for insurrection, as a clear and present danger to America and for encouraging white supremacy groups to invade the capital.

The Presidents lawyer, Rudy Giuliani has just been disbarred in New York for the same crime.

“White Supremacy” are the two words being used by authorities (and those in governance) to describe the real threat to America.

Meanwhile, the inauguration of the incoming president sees US troops on standby for an internal invasion or terrorism incident.

In the midst of all of this, Pence’s last words aren’t about uniting a divided nation. He uses his last words to incite racist, xenophobic fear.

That same white supremacy threat is also at play here in Australia. A threat being encouraged, because our leaders won’t apply the moral decency to denounce their affiliations and awards by Trump.

White supremacy groups and the agencies that underpin terrorist rhetoric are typically at the forefront of promoting false narratives about pending invasions.

All of them have been demonstrably false.

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